about the project


The only Czech development project – Residence Sacre Coeur2 – achieved to become a finalist in the category of Best Residential property in the international Real Estate MIPIM Awards 2017. For more information about international real estate MIPIM 2017 HERE.

Let us introduce to you a unique, once in a lifetime opportunity: the Sacre Coeur2 Residence. Breathtaking views, quality comparable to the highest world standards, timeless and airy architecture, functionality in every aspect, protection of your privacy... These all were the criteria which we had on our mind when we – in cooperation with the renowned 4A architectural studio – were designing this unique residential complex. Our priority is focused on the comprehensive quality of your housing. Our commitment does not end with your purchase of a new flat, loft or perhaps penthouse, but, quite the opposite, it just starts here.  Welcome to Sacre Coeur2.


The flats at Sacre Coeur2 excel in their uniqueness of the designed dispositions. There where the others grope in the dark and offer just similarly dark corridors full of doors, we design a modern place to live full of light and interesting layouts. We do not speak about penthouses and maisonette lofts, we speak about standard flats, which by their quality and concept designs by far exceed the other offers of residential projects. Each of the Sacre Coeur2 flats has a spacious entry foyer with a place for a cloakroom or an inbuilt wardrobe. A great benefit consists in a chamber for a washing machine and a storage shelf system. All the Sacre Coeur2 flats are divided into two zones – living and private. Each living zone has its own toilette with a washbasin, which will certainly be appreciated not just by you, but also by your guests. The bedroom, children´s bedroom and other rooms are situated in the private zone of a flat.

The 3+kitchenette and 4+kitchenette flats have two bathrooms as a standard. One is always a part of the parents´ bedroom. Evening atmosphere is strengthened by a possibility of a pleasant sit-down on the balcony or terrace of your new flat.


Two-floor lofts are a phenomenon, featuring both passion and style. Beyond doubt they represent the materialization of liberty and space freedom where you no limits confront you. A spacious living room with the lightness height over five metres will grasp your attention thanks to its airy character and wonderful view of the Prague skyline. The bedrooms are situated in the comfort zone of the internal atrium of the building. Pleasant moments of warm summer evenings can be spent in the gardens belonging to each maisonette. On the contrary in winter you can cherish the panoramic views of Prague straight from the settee of your new flat. The visualisation shows just one of a lot of possibilities how to handle this space. This is your ideal world of no borders.

We pay attention to your safety...

  • 24-7 reception in the entry area of the house (regular physical inspection of the whole building, monitoring of incoming and outgoing persons, monitoring of the camera system, services for the residents, such as shopping, babysitting, walking pets, reporting possible defects and claims in the house etc.)
  • Central chip system
  • Camera systems with cameras located throughout the premises
  • Security glassing in flats on the first and second above-ground floor
  • Audio-/videophones or electronic security system (ESS)

We pay attention to your comfort...

  • Air-Conditioning
  • Area-wide floor heating
  • Entry cloakroom with a sufficient storage space
  • Private and living zone
  • 4+kitchenette flats with an en-suite bathroom
  • Lavatories with a small hallway and washbasin

As regards flat design, we make it to the smallest details...

  • Minimalist design, adapted for your finishing the interior
  • Bathrooms equipped with Villeroy & Boch components
  • Doorframes with the height of 2.200 mm
  • French windows

Note: A detailed and comprehensive description of each apartment´s furnishings can be seen and downloaded under a concrete flat unit.